Museums and shows The Herring Era Museum Officially recognised as a museum specialising in the history of the herring industry in

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Museums and shows


The Herring Era Museum

Officially recognised as a museum specialising in the history of the herring industry in Iceland. The Herring Era Museum may even be the only museum of its kind in the whole world. 

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The Folk Music Center

The Folk Music Centre in Siglufjordur is located in Madame House where the Rev. Bjarni Thorsteinsson lived from 1888 to 1898. The centre brings to life the world of Icelandic folk music.

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Ljóđasetur Íslands

Icelandic Center of Poetry

Only one of its kind, the Icelandic Center of Poetry offers its guests a change to browse through books of poetry the museum has to offer. On occasions live events occur.


Arts and crafts

Gallerí Abbý

Gallery Abby

At Abby´s there is a wide variety of arts and crafts. The artist, Abby, is very creative and has a workshop in her gallery where she creates here arts while guests visit.


Sjalfsbjorg workshop

Cheramics and glass along with many other crafts is what the artists are working with. Many artists meet to have a great time at Sjalfsbjorg and learn from each other’s creativity. 


Vinnustofa Fríđu

Workshop Frida

The artist, Frida, is known for being the idealist creating the “Scarf of Hedinsfjord”. Connecting the two parts of Fjallabyggd, Siglufjord and Olafsfjord, the scarf was 17 kilometers long. Here workshop is full of life and wonderful ideas. 



The artist in resident idea of Herhusid, allows artists from all over the world to dwell in Siglufjord and get inspired by its culture, history and nature. 

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Known for the wooden figures, decorating the Icelandair hotels and many other places around Iceland, Alla Sigga has created a wonderful world of personal art from old building material. Alla Siggas workshop Althyduhusid is located in Siglufjord. 

Gallerí Rauđka

Gallery Raudka

One of Raudka’s beautiful houses by the harbor hosts Gallery Raudka, an hall for artists to show their creations. The hall is used for many occasions but during summer artists often stay on site and put up a show of their own. 

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The great outdoors


Skiing at Siglo

Mere five minutes drive from down town Sigló stands one of Iceland´s greatest ski area. Four ski lifts reach up to 650m above sea level with slops for everyone from beginners to advance. Of slope skiing is also amazing in Siglo. The ski area is usually open from middle of November to middle of April.




A nine hole golf course sits within the towering mountains of Siglufjord. Today the building of a new unique nine hole golf course is also well on its way and will open in 2015.




Two swimming pools are in Fjallabyggd. An indoor pool at Siglufjord and an outdoor pool at Olafsfjord. The pool at Olafsfjord is great for families with an waterslide, hot tubs are at both places.

Lífiđ viđ höfnina

Local life of the marina

Amongst the most enjoyable things in Siglo is a walk by the marina where you can watch sailors bring in the catch of the day. You can chat with them and ask about the catch. You can also watch it from the outdoors of Hannes Boy or Coffee Raudka while enjoying a refreshing beverage.




Kids always love playing miniature golf and it’s a great place for families to hang out. It’s a popular hangout for the younger generations traveling with their parents. Its located by the marina.



Sheltered by the buildings around the marina is one of Iceland´s best volleyball court. Uniquely located by the harbor it has a picturesque view of the harbor, you might even need to fish the ball from the marina.


Boat trips

Groups, ranging from ten to thirty people, can ask for boat trips on special occasions from Siglufjord. Availability needs to be checked with good advance. Whale watching is offered by North Sailing from Olafsfjord on a regular basis.

Call Hordur (+354) 861-1958 for more information.



Great variety of hiking trails sit all around Siglufjord. Ranging from a short walk around town to those who prefer more extreme hiking. You can visit Hvanneyrarskal, historical place of romance, or walk the avalanche gardens with their great view over the town. You can also chose to hike the mountaintops around the fjord.


Top Mountaineering

Top Mountaineering

The company Top Mountaineering is owned and operated by the couple Gestur and Hulda. Offering guided tours and various other possibilities for activities Gestur and Hulda are very knowledgeable about the beautiful surroundings of Siglufjord.


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